splinken Last night I had this dream:

It was morning and I walked out into the living room -- everyone who lives in this house was there and they all looked serious. Also, I had a boyfriend, and he had blond hair, and he was there too. The house, instead of being in rural mid-America, was in New York City, and New York City was about to be attacked by some unspecified group. And a nuclear weapon that would destroy the entire city and kill all of us was coming, and my family told me that the bomb was definitely going to hit, and that it was going to hit right before sunset when the sun's light turned orange and gold [their exact words]. I panicked and tried to get everyone out of the house and out of the city, to get myself out of the house and out of the city, but nothing worked. I kept obsessively looking out the window at the sun.

My family, including my beautiful, fictional boyfriend [who was my height, exactly] was resigned to the fact that at the end of the day we were all going to disintegrate. I argued for escape and they just looked at me.

I ran back into my bedroom and it was late afternoon, and my boyfriend followed me back. He sat on my bed [suddenly he looked like Seth Green] and turned the TV on. We both layed down and nestled into each other. He told me that the attack had started, that the bomb was coming. I looked out my bedroom window and saw a gigantic dust cloud coming. It was the bomb, and I screamed and pulled away from him. As the cloud overtook my house, I jumped so high that I almost hit the ceiling, and then I disintegrated and it didn't hurt.
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