Im fading, fading away,
do i look different now, no i don't feel the same, in this life i feel such shame, everything is bland, has no flavor to it anymore, All you know about me is what i have sold you, I sold you everything i had to offer
Can you show me that you love me,
and do we belong together?

I waited with open arms, and you never came, i slumped on the ground and I cryed, i opened my eyes, i saw a star, i almost couldn't see it, i looked at it for so long, that i didn't see you coming, and you kneeled beside me, and held my head to your chest, and i cryed and cryed, but tears of joy came this time, you soothed my worries, my doubts, i looked up at you, and you were crying too, we kneeled there, in our embrace. under a street lamp, in that place, where the earth meets the ocean, far from where we are now.

Dedicated to the Woman i love

And yet, her name remains the same
Can i sleep and dream of you, will i dream of someone else, who's just like you, can i sleep again, will i sleep again, am i lost, or am i found, questions unearthed and spoken, where did the answer go, it hurts so good, i found it, but it hurts nevertheless

find me in the sea of flames, under a setting sun, the fire doesn't burn me anymore
mushroomman "The Rose"

There was once a sweet sweet rose, and it flourished
and remained beautiful all year long because it was always trimmed watered
and given things to help it grow, but over time, it became neglected and
forgotton, then it became scraggley and eaten by insects, it withered away
and decomposed into the soil.
When the caretakers came back, they saw what was left, and there was nothing
left to take care of, so a new rose was planted in the same spot where the
previous one had been, and it grew and flourished as the one had before,
but now the caretakers knew better than to leave and come back, so they
stayed and took care of the new rose, and it remained beautiful for years
and years, until the caretakers passed away. a new family moved into the
caretakers home, and they saw the beautiful rose, and decided that it
was so beautiful, they worked hard to improve what the previous caretakers
had maintained, and they planted another rose right next to it and the roses
became a garden overnight, They were happy to see what their efforts had
blossomed into.
Mushroomman You touched me once, i felt the electricity run down my spine,

you touched me twice, and i felt your heart close to mine

I have found her, though she never was gone, What i felt missing was me,

I traversed the spaning globe,
But when i came back, i was there

the light shining into your eyes, makes them sparkle, I caught a tear from your eye, and i brought it back to you, And then i held you, once more, and never to let go.
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