*nat* i am not deserving of him, i am a maniac with developing mental disorders, im sure, he deserves someone who shares #his knowledg of pcs im thinking at the moment# his fantastic nature a i making sense, methinks not 020823
~gez~ i think the same thing my love. locked together in undeservingness, mutual relationships are always the best would you not agree? would be nice if you new what speed your internet connection was though... 020823
Caxton I just want to give you everything that you deserve...but I don't think that I could *ever* *possibly* do that. I just want to look into your eyes...and whisper into your ears how much I love you. I just want to hold and night, and let our feelings blossom. I want to lay a kiss upon your lips, and never let it fade, I want the taste of you, to linger inside of me forever. I'm sitting here, thinking of you...I wonder if you're thinking of me...I lay there, dreaming of you...I wonder if you dream of me. I really do love're the first really are... 031120
unhinged people tell me all the time i am more deserving than what my life gives me. but most of these people aren't willing to be the ones that give me what i deserve. and then they will say that only i can make myself happy. i'm tired and confused by this. some also might say you get what you deserve. so i can't help thinking that i'm getting exactly that. 080621
unhinged i have done it on my own since the day i graduated high_school. i put myself through college in the armpit of america and my parents have never directly wired money into my checking account.

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