CheapVodka SO long ago you were all here
Then after a while we all went away
Spread across the earth like sand

whatever... are still a sexy bitch
endless desire i hate when people leave.
and i hate falling in love with pages of missing people. . .
reading a book full of holes.
blah-ze the swathe of mystery that surrounds blather makes it more than it is. the writers write for whatever reason, the readers, seeing those who leave, cling to their avatistic sancity, and see them as more then themselves. maybe they hang in shadows reading what is written now, in the same way. i for one was overawed by the stuff already here. i can only hope to read the messages of writers lost, and bring retired feeling in those words to being. 031009
Death of a Rose blather is only deserted, when we are vacant from it. In another sense, blatherville can never be deserted, for we are all stopping in from our houses to chat & scream. 031012
meta meta 060313
marked . 060321
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