Dosquatch What happened to who? Oh, the ones who lived there? They all went mad one day. All of 'em. They never got along, and I guess the strain just made 'em all snap at once. It was a glorious thing to watch. Horrible, gruesome, sure, but glorious all the same. The skill they used hurtin' each other just left me in awe. I never woulda guessed when I turned 'em loose to fend for themselves. They did alright in the aquarium. "Eden", I called it. Yup, they did alright. I guess they're just a little too unstable what without someone to tell 'em what to do. In fact, I looked in on 'em from time to time after I set 'em loose. As best I could figure, they tried to stay in captivity even on their own. Kept puttin' one another in charge, hopin' maybe this one would have a better idea.

But then they all went mad. Glorious, I tell ya. Took the whole blamed place out with 'em. Glorious.
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