Quintessensual For that matter, what does the arrow look like that time flies like?

Apparently this arrow has something to do with evolution. ("Time's Arrow and Evolution," Harold Blum, Princeton Univ. Press, 1951).

And just what is this liking? If we knew how time flies interacted spiritually or physically (or both ways? does that happen?) with the arrow in liking it, perhaps we could say something more definitive about the flies.

Something besides the fact that they've been around forever and must reproduce rapidly with wild abandon.
god my arrow broke down in the middle of the desert. it was hot as a motherfucker. (hums, "me and my arrow").
i saw a pulverized armadillo a mile or so down the road. flies swarmed around it like commas over an unwieldy sentence. a new song popped into my head....."opel".....
i was far, far away from where i came.
what's it to you?
who go