DannyH blather, v. orig. dial. [variant of BLETHER v.] intr.

To talk foolishly, talk nonsense. Often in ppl. a. Hence 'blatherer, a foolish talker (1866 in E.D.D).

1825 BROCKETT Gloss. N. Country Words 18
He blathes and talks, is a common phrase where much is said to little purpose. A person of this kind is .. styled a blathering hash.

1891 KIPLING Light That Failed iv. 59 If you were only a mass of blathering vanity,..I wouldn't mind

1920 D H LAWRENCE Touch & Go III. i. 76 They've got a set of loud-mouthed blatherers and agitators among them.

1951 J WYNDHAM Day of The Triffids i. 15
Gentlemanly tones which blathered about this 'magnificent spectacle' and 'unique phenomenon'

The Oxford English Dictionary 2nd Edition 1989
DannyH and his enormous book may I also offer

BLATE - To babble, prate, give mouth (about), talk blatantly

BLATE - cry like a sheep

BLATERATE - to babble or talk vainly

BLATERATION - Babbling, chatter

BLATHE - To cry out (This is the oldest rootword of blather listed with this example:-
1640 J. GOWER Ovid's Fest. VI. 127
The poore young child for help and soccour blathed.)

I like that. Also I offer as an alternative to blatherskite (which is listed as modern US slang) the much older noun blateroon - defined as "a babbler" since 1645
birdmad one of Mark Twain's cats was named blatherskite

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