May182004 "Definitely a Cover Up"

Former Abu Ghraib Intel Staffer Says Army Concealed Involvement in Abuse Scandal

May 18, 2004 — Dozens of soldiersother than the seven military police reservists who have been charged — were involved in the abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, and there is an effort under way in the Army to hide it, a key witness in the investigation told ABCNEWS.

"People are either telling themselves or being told to be quiet."

"What I was surprised at was the silence,"

"The collective silence by so many people that had to be involved, that had to have seen something or heard something."

"Anything [the MPs] were to do legally or otherwise, they were to take those commands from the interrogators,"

"One interrogator told me about how commonly the detainees were stripped naked, and in some occasions, wearing women's underwear,"

"If it's your job to strip people naked, yell at them, scream at them, humiliate them, it's not going to be too hard to move from that to another level."

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May202004 This photo provided by attorney Guy L. Womack, who is representing Army Spc. Charles A. Graner Jr., was purportedly taken at Abu Ghraib prison. The defense claims the photo shows unidentified military intelligence personnel, marked as No. 4, 5, 7 and 8. Graner, identified as No. 1 in this photograph, faces criminal charges for alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the prison.

Soldier says intelligence directed abuse
High-ranking intelligence officers allegedly involved

12:13 a.m. ET May 20, 2004
“Iraq's a nation. The United States is a nation. The Geneva Conventions applied. They have applied every single day from the outset,” Rumsfeld has said.

So, does Rumfeld know about the BIF and what goes on there?

Several top U.S. military and intelligence sources say yes, and that he, through other top Pentagon officials, directed the U.S. head of intelligence in Iraq, Gen. Barbara Fast, and others to bring some of the methods used at the BIF to prisons like Abu Ghraib, in hopes of getting better intelligence from Iraqi detainees.

BIF:- a top-secret site near Baghdad’s airport. The battlefield interrogation facility known as the “BIF” is pictured in satellite photos.
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