Death of a Rose (disclaimer; this is not meant as a slam against people of asian origin. this is just something that came into my head at 3 o'clock in the morning and i had to write it down. feel free to contribute. Doar)

-no lucky numbers for you!
-magician will dissappear your genitals.
will take ace of spades from butt cheeks. many will cheer.
-you will have successful wife. she will leave you.
-health & happiness will be given to your lawyer.
-you are not paranoid.
-a basket of cheese awaits you.
-you will be blessed with many friends. they will leave you too; with wife.
-your backyard will become lush and vibrant before police make drug raid.
-a giant wombat named lenny loves you in secret.
-two trains, one leaves.......
-you are destined to lose your fridge.
-sometime in next month you will wake up.
-you have faithful dog. he will pee on your rug. runs away to ex-wife.
-you will buy guitar and write bad country songs.
-you will be restrained from entering public parks.
-ah heck, we give you lucky #'s back.
smurfus rex At first, I thought this was going to be, like, fortune cookies from Death aka Grim Reaper, which made me think of one instantly:

"See you tomorrow".

I'd hate to find that after finishing my kung pao chicken.
Death of a Rose hehe....i think death would deliver telegrams or send a door to door salesman around....

ding dong...oh excuse me maam, i represent Death....yes thee 'Death' and we were wondering whether you had prepared yourself for what will happen in your immediate haven't?...well, we've got the deal for you.....
what's it to you?
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