p2 people who think death_is_funny should kill themselves and have themselves a good laugh 021023
minnesota_chris ... when life is valueless.

Come on, p2, you're not advocating the death of those who disagree with you?

ah, shit. do HOMEWORK, Chris. Stop blathering!!!
p2 no, not for simply disagreeing with me
for not placing value on life
oh, and death to smoochy
devalis Her favorite movie is Mary Poppins and she gets everything for free.

Except life. That cost her $10 and only left her with two cents, which she gave away.
daxle I've definitely thought about this a lot. But for me, it comes down to this:
I don't believe in 'god'. I think it's quite evident that we evolved from a Very long series of causal events. Everything happens, because based on all past events, it was the only thing that could happen. See other pages for this full arguement. So anyway, I don't think our lives have any purpose. I think we give them purpose. I figure, I'm alive, and I have no obligations, so that gives me the ultimate freedom. I can do anything I want. I feel like life is a game, and I'm going to play in it. So I don't think it's horribly tragic when people die, it's just a part of things. I don't think 'natural' death is any better than 'unatural' death... it's hard to even make a distinction. I think that the artificial constructs people use to get them through life feeling like they have 'meaning' and 'purpose' just cause them unnecessary pain in the end.

("in the dice game of life, who gets the last roll? it's a wicked world we live in")
p2 i agree, death is simply an event
there is no tragedy in death itself
but at the same time
there is no humor in it
as there shouldn't be
i grieve not for the dead
but for the survivors
p2 along the same lines though
life, while not inherently of any value,
has the opportunity to have value
if you hold no value to your own life
you are squandering the opportunity
and taking up resources
silentbob and it isn't the death she was laughing at.

it was the complete randomness of death. she's laughing at how silly life can be sometimes.
she's not laughing at people who ARE crying, or people who can't cry cuz they are dead.
she's not laughing because children got shot.
she's laughing because life doesn't have to be so serious all the time.

Yes. people died and yes their lives were important. but i let their death affect my life only as much as i can without flying out to MD, (which would be stupid according to the news) and getting to know every one of their family members in who their were and what their life meant.

do you see? there isn't anything you can do.
p2 Re: daxle on the sniper
"i love it, it makes me laugh"
what is it she's loving?
the randomness of life that's caused by the sniper?
and how does the sniper do that?
she is enjoying the death.
mon ami "things don't stop being funny when they're sad anymore than they stop being sad when they're funny"

"the only unbearable thing about life, is that nothing is unbearable"

"after the first death there is no other"

-famous dead people

if you can't laugh, you're going to choke on your tears mon ami all those famous dead people knew that.
silentbob daxle on life:
So I don't think it's horribly tragic when people die, it's just a part of things

what more do you want?
p2 mon ami,
quoting live people
about death
is like
quoting virgins
about sex
(and before you ask,
i don't expect quotes
from dead people)
p2 bob,
i want world peace
i expect nothing
i'm sure i won't be disappointed
birdmad the level of sentience we have achieved amongst all other animals is our blessin and our curse

world peace?


people are incapable of that and the dyamism that exists in all the natural world belie any such ideals

look deeper into a calm, idyllic green meadow and see struggles_for_life_and_death in every microcosm, spiders versus flies, the tadpoles who hunt the dragonfly larvae who hunt the mosquito larvae, the water as it flows carving it's way into the rock below it, the churning and burning of he earth's inner workings miles below the sleeping layers of rock, the bombardment of the entire globe throughout time by particles ranging in size from miles across every so often to the invisible neutrinos that pass through everything unseen by the billions all the time

stars explode, worlds collide

one day we will not exist, neither ourselves nor our children nor their children beyond them.

and none of our ambitions, our opinions, the the things we have done for good or bad will be of any significance

the only peace lies in knowing these things and what peace we make for ourselves

and if you are still not convinced that death can be funny...

check out the darwin awards

a couple of years ago out in the west-side suburbs a desperate moron attempted to kill himself and his wife by trying to run both her and himself through a chipper-shredder

dumb bastard went first and tried, as he was being mulched, to pull her in after him


needless to say the lady escaped with her life

a para-military moron in a creepy little town out in the high-desert blew himself up while trying to build a bomb with which to attack a target here in the city

a man fired a few rounds from his pistol straight into the air the year before last when all the new_year's_eve gunfire was in full swing and was killed when one of his own bullets came crashing back down on him

yes, sometimes, even if the laughter may seem cruel and inappropriate (but all too human in spite of naive protestations otherwise), death is funny

those of you who would say otherwise would be the first to laugh when i die if for no other reason than to either satisfy the boundless hunger this universe has for irony or to satisfy your own perception of justice in the universe however self-righteous its foundation might be

okay, i'm done ranting now
p2 i know it's impossible
that's why i don't expect it
the only way there will be world peace
is when the nuclear winter
finally wipes us out
(assuming there are
no surviving mutations)
as for death being funny,
yes, some deaths are funny
recently there was a guy in the news
he was bitten to death by his wife
when he turned down her sexual advances
laughed my ass off
but most sniper deaths aren't funny
with the exception of
idiots who would be on sentry duty
light up a cigarette
have a puff
and highlight their heads
as targets
mon ami no. i didn't qoute living people about death. i qouted living people about tragedy. death is never about the dying, death is about the living, it is about those left behind. we know nothing about death, but it is we who will cry or we who will laugh. who knows if either affect the dead, they are our own choices. they decide how we will live our lives. that said, the qoutes still stand. being able to laugh, having to cry, they show our values towards a death, and infer our feelings towards our generalized conception of life. 021025
p2 mon ami
point taken

this is my final post on this topic
as i'm sure there are those who tire of this

after which we can agree to disagree

death is an event
it is neither funny
nor tragic
it is part of life

the circumstances around the death
can be funny
or tragic
or both

idiots are funny
parents with very young children are tragic
idiot parents are both

the beltway sniper deaths
did not involve idiots
or at least their idiocy
was not the cause of their death

but as pointed out to me before
that's just my opinion
so feel free to dismiss it as you wish
mon ami i didn't find anything funny about the sniper deaths my friend. i was only trying to understand why some people would turn to humor as a response. 021025
Casey Yeah, death is funny....funny LOOKING! HAHAHAHAha...haha...ha...sigh 021025
phil when people lie I assume they mean it 021025
freakizh dear daxle..
that quote-- the dice quote, wasn't it from the nonexistent knight, italo calvino's?
lovely quote (the text kinda sucks)!

death is funny? yeah, kinda.
sometimes we need to pretend we're strong enought for us not to care. if we see everything as it is-- humanity, maintained alive by a delicate thread of uncertainties and randomness, we might die in our own thoughts.
that's why, for most people, ignorance is a bliss. just like suicide: the easy way out.
thinking freakizh oh no!
it was another dice quote about life.
sorry about the whole misunderstanding.
the quote i was reffering to was:

"i hope you spent your days no worse, oh corpse. anyway to you the dice have already shown their numbers. for me they are still swirling in the box. and i love my own anxiety, corpse, not your peace."

(calvino, italo. "the nonexistent night", p.57-58.)

certainly,.. the idea of death makes our life more interesting-- anxiety is something we should be grateful for. at least, it reminds us we're alive, just like tool's "parabol / parabola" whole saying.
The Reaper Man i am least god told me so! 040104
karl the weed lol i agree with p2s initial statement 040104
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