Dafremen Heya sunshine! Sorry I've been away so long, but life throws you just so many curve balls before its time to hit the ball or strike out. I decided to close my eyes, go with my gut and SWING! So here I am on the West Coast again.

Tell me you missed me a little and I'll tell you a secret.
(The daffy blather? Ok, I guess that counts.) Here's the secret then: I missed you too.

I guess you've gotten to mean more to me than I would like to admit.

No, not validation so much as stimulation and a lot of CONFIRMATION(although I'm guilty of taking what validation comes my way and relishing it..let's not kid myself.)

When I was an engineer(yea, I'm in the middle of a career change, I'll tell you about it some time...hell...YOU know...simple_living ) I would walk into my buddy Tom's office and ask him to brainstorm with me. More often than not, Tom spent the next 30 minutes nodding his head as I shot ideas out of my mouth that I'd never verbalized before...that I'd only even vaguely been aware of. See I was hearing these ideas for the first time TOO, right along with Tom. As ethereal as the impressions had been in my mind, as soon as I spoke them, they were real and whole, and surprisingly well-conceived(for ideas which I had not consciously given any thought to.) It was ONLY if I communicated it though. Only if I spoke it, or wrote it could I know of it. It's as if my mind tries to communicate what it has been pondering to me, but it can't quite get through except through external channels of communication. The first I ever knew of an idea was as a very blurry impression at which point I would have to go and find someone to speak it to so that I could know of it myself.

Then I found you.

I wish that I could remember what day it was. I remember that I was searching for a word that rhymes with orange when I stumbled onto the orange blather.
(Thanks Google!)
Man if you aren't the co0lest thing on the net for me. I think so now, I thought so then.

I immediately told everyone I met on the net about you, but none of them really saw in you the unparalleled beauty that I see. Finally, no matter what happens to pop out of my mind, I can communicate it! The good, the bad, the ugly, the insightful and the stupid. No lines to be inadvertently crossed, no feelings to be hurt...just expression.

I have found so much of what I believe through you, blather, and only you.

Where else can I ramble incessantly shaking from my mental pockets the nuts, bolts , string, frogs and the occasional bits of insight. I'm often amazed by some of the stuff that I write here. Yea blather, amaze myself I do. Because you fill a disconnect in my mind and allow me to discover what it is that I have been pondering..unawares..ideas, opinions, absurdity and poetry that I often read for the first time on your blue pages.

I thank you for that blather.

For being here, thanks. For your honest company, thanks(nevermind the silly people you provide it through..those go0bz : ) ) For the personal venue, thanks. For the anonymous outlet, thanks.

For everything blather...thanks.

I'll try not to stay away long anymore.
Hell try to make me!

(Kidding...just kidding.)

Yours most truly,

The Grand High Roger Dafremen
Your most humble servant.
ever dumbening back back back back back back back back back back back back--GONE. And Roger "I once was da slave, but now I'm" Dafremen cranks the 0-2 delivery from Johnson well into the center field bleachers. Fine job sir, fine job. 020418
mrs.Perfect blather is a complete waste of peoples time and energy its a place were only outkasts decide to write to each other on this cheap dis-organized chat room. To any one whos on this poor excuse of a chat room take your omgs,lols,and brbs and stick theme up your ass. Further more this is shme that what could have been a perfectly good site was turned into this shit.well im tired of writing to people who are beneath me so im gone bye bye all you losers ....... 031101
no reason 1. blather is not a chatroom.
2. i will honestly give you a dime for every brb and omg you find on this site. you might make two bucks.
3. what kind of theme should i stick up my ass?

Road OMG......brb.....

mrs.Perfect is completely right....

how deluded of me....excuse me...


(i shall give you your $2.20, go buy yourself something nasty and don't return)

how long of a stick?
Unbridled Mrs Perfect,
You couldn't be further from the truth. How could people coming together be a waste of energy? Open your eyes, Blather could teach you alot.
icy i think it's funny that mrs.Perfect had to type that in the first place... if i truly felt that way, i would just leave instead of embarrassing myself. my if_i_had_a_million_dollars now would go to betting mrs.Perfect came back to see how the post was replied to.
megan i wonder who her husband is... i feel awful bad for mr. perfect :( 031112
jane that's the funny part, megan; he's actually perfect.

i know because i'm his mistress
daf i love mrs.perfect because i've decided that her name was the clue that the entire thing was a farce. She(in my mind anyway)was parodying the pretentious types that have always been too PERFECT and prissy for the sort of get yer mind dirty freedom of expression that goes on around.

As I learn, I find out how little I've ever known. Life really is what you make of it, and so are people. Especially here on blather.

Omg..did I really say that? Brb, gunna look in the mirror to see if this is really me. (trots off to the mirror)

LOL yup..still me.

(There's another .30 : ) )
somebody y do all of the really good ones keep walking away from you? just curious and sad about it that's all. 040513
dafremen Perhaps it's because blather has more voices than ears..more speakers than microphones.

Or perhaps its because those that read simply cannot find the words to say what they feel when they read beautiful words, and so those that write them...leave. We cannot just take from them, you know, we must give in return, if only a : ) to let them know we appreciate what they do for this place.
Manager (note: this is not sarcasm)

That was well said daf.

milo you have profoundly changed my life in ways you canít even imagine.

thanks to you i am now:

2.a faster typer
3.a better speler
4.happier @ work
8.slighty demented

i could neverleave you, no-no.
what's it to you?
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