whatever..ZzzZzz zzZ zZ Zz Tyler Hamilton has firmly planted himself into the soil of the international cycling world. This American displays all the qualities recognized in the European peloton—climbing, time-trialing, and selfless devotion to his teammates.

His athletic career began in New Hampshire’s Holderness School, where his first love was skiing. This took him to the snow-covered mountains near the University of Colorado, where he pursued alpine ski racing. A back injury Tyler sustained in his sophomore year while mountain biking cut his skiing career short—and put him on the bike. Cycling was became not only his rehabilitation, but his future.
Strideo I was leaving the book store one day.
As I walked out the door I noticed a very upset man with a bycicle and a back pack. I couldn't help but notice him because he was screaming at everyone in the parking lot. "YOU'RE THE ONES THAT ARE CRAZY! YOU AND YOUR CARS! YOU'RE DESTROYING THE ENVIROMENT!" It was interesting. Some people were laughing at him. Others were trying to avoid him. Some, sitting at a few tables outside the coffee shop, looked as though they were thinking "please don't come over here, go away crazy man".

hmm. . anyways, blah blah blah.
It was really wierd. I wonder what set him off?
hsg is fun 040816

Several years ago, Bicycling magazine published the following data:

MPH KPH Calories / lb-min
8 12.9 0.0295
10 16.1 0.0355
12 19.3 0.0426
14 22.5 0.0512
15 24.1 0.0561
16 25.8 0.0615
17 27.4 0.0675
18 29.0 0.0740
19 30.6 0.0811
20 32.2 0.0891
21 33.8 0.0975
23 37.0 0.1173
25 40.2 0.1441

Add 22 calories/hour for each 100 ft of elevation
hsg is a good path to nirvana. 041008
hsg saves gas 060122
nom she seemed so excited
when i told her i'd be visiting

"we can go cycling" she said
nom i'm in love with a schwinn 060615
nom my flyte bike is old and red and cool 070308
stephshine i remember thinking the pink huffy bikes with huge banana seats and tassles near the handlebars were for very old girls. 070309
somebody For this native, Saturn is about to complete round one!!! 070309
hsg1437 is Saturn slow? 070310
Strideo I cycled to work today. my coworker seemed quite surprised.
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