silentbob If i cut out all my thoughts and glued them to a piece of paper the piece of paper would be so big and colorful, it would wrap up the entire world in a nice little present, and i'd probably give it to her with a pretty ribbon and a card that sez Wish You Were Here. I'd give her the whole world, thinking only of her.

lovers lament of my soul. ring around the paper people. guess i thought you knew.
guess i was wrong.
nomatter I visted a gift shop. They had a gold lame elvis lifesize cutout. I wanted it. It was $32.00 dollars and my mom said no. Why deprive me of such a necessary thing??? 030916
(devil in disguise)elvis Hey there little laddah! I think ya should kill your mama with sum deep fried peanut butter and 'nana sandwiches,then buy muh cutout with the insurance monah! (Ya know ya want to,uhuh!). Later,you and me can do the "jailhouse rock" in your 9-X-6! 030916
nomatter heh 030920
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