kronoman horror terror R'lyeh narphelhop fear phobos deimos chaos evil hp lovecraft squidman illithid hell hell hell satan natas saint fighting angels crystal horror madness mountains in hell shattered wings shattered angel frog man squid hellish octopus ghostbusters mages psionic cats cannot fight Cthulhu... starspawn tarzadin mankind angels holocaust iced earth kicks ass 001115
Josh Lamb H.P. Lovecraft rules. 011105
sabbie we were walking along the beach today, rugged up against the wind and rain and airborn sand and the sea was a thousand shades of blueish grey and the waves crashed at our feet and wet my boots right through when i wasnt paying attention and there, on the wet sand, with rivulets of the ocean tenderly stroking it in concern was a bizarre cthulhu creature, it's laboured attempts at breathing undulating it's transparent sides, thick tentacles twitching slightly from under a opaque domed body and as we stood shoulder to shoulder gazing down on it in silence, it heaved one last great breath and was still and my heart lurched strangly in my chest as i suddenly realised that we were the only witnesses to the passing of yet another god. 011105
reitoei cthulhu strange aliens walking on the pages of lovecraft. shores of death. lost technology lost libraries lost science lost people i have forgotten, yes I have forgotten 011106
joe the cthulhu civilazation made it through the nuclear war. all of the other countries died. the cthulhu are now responsible for mutiplying and replenishing the earth. the strange thing is they are all men. i guess they are doomed 021221
misstree "shoggoth on the roof", an hp lovecraft musical. look for it. song samples. hilarity ensues. 021222
keziah_blatantly Other cthulhu musicals I'd like to see:

Gugs and Dholes
The King in Yellow, and I
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Out of Space
CATS of Ulthar
creatures from beyond hell "cthulu-cthulu ia-ia-fthagn"

[to the tune of Patti LaBelle's "lady marmalade"]
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