The Truth I love this game.
I hate this game.

This game must be the pivotal point of my existence.

The fulcrum.
silentbob why i turned out the way i did
someone somewhere dropped me on my cranium
mikejohnson is the ultimate mix of creative and memorizational inteligence! can you communicate to your teammate that what you are blindfoldedlydrawing is obviously the lost city of atlantis? did you know that upside down cake (an inverted dessert) can be rearranged to spell candied sow puke? or that charles darwin did not coin the phrase "survival of the fittest?" smart people are not good at this game. eccentric inteligence, like being able to spell intelligence correctly, is the key.
will win at cranium ONE DAY!
jane eyes closed, she drew a line across the page. then she drew some dots under the line. i said "desert!" before she drew the cactus, and the guys wondered all night how i had guessed so quickly 050219
mikejohnson because she is the only one who will ever understand me and everything about me, she is the only one i'll ever win this game with. and we did it! YES! We beat them all! Me and the child. The demon, the relativelyhillarious one.
won at cranium with his sister.
no reason my sister lost the board
darn it all to heck
mikejohnson we should get a cool group of craniators at york hahahaha.
should keep blather seperate from life.
mikejohnson who invented this game anyway?
is corny sometimes, so?
what's it to you?
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