klairchen I am rambling again.

I think I will shut myself off.
nash rambler that's when i start really going at it! 001103
marjorie do we get the little surprises in the box.
or are they cheap now.
like paper with dotted lines
-- fold here --
now you have a monster.
make it talk.
make it eat people.
just don't let it out around your family.
ford fairlane i got one two days ago. it was a sticker about the size of a dime. it had a picture of daphne fromm the scooby doo cartoon. she was running with a frightened look on her face. 001104
~gez~ a snack which comes in crisp packets, though really they're nothing like crisps 020905
*nat* thas a snack-a-jack lol. wasnt crackerjack a programme that was on like years and years ago, my mum used to watch it im sure 020905
explainer crackerjack: carmel coated popcorn and peanuts, often sold at sporting events, usually contains a small cheap prize. 020905
Elzbieta I got "married" in the 2nd grade and the boy got my ring from a Cracker Jack box. I still got it in my basement somewhere. 020905
*nat* ok explainer are tou american, if so, i think i have established an american/english difference. if not i am keptin the dark about to many things in the world. gez 4 (posibly) nat 10042 020905
~gez~ gez 4 nat
gez 4 nat
whats the 10042?
*nat* i.e points to gez probly around 4, points to me, probly araound 10042 020905
what's it to you?
who go