ClairE ClairE: hey

Lisa: hey

C: yesssssss

L: damn it
L: you beat me

C: anyway...

L: i came on to ask you if you wanted to hang out with me

C: how's your mom?

L: cause i have to cash my check

C: ok. just come on down. i'll be here. :-)
C: i love you so much lisa

L: and go to rcc
L: but i'm borrowing the jeep
L: so that's exciting
L: : )
L: and i want to buy another bowl
L: so it'll be like a repeat of the other day
L: lol
L: woo hoo
L: my mom is good
L: tired and working a lot
L: i'm just going to write david an i love you e-mail : )

C: ok!

L: i'm worried about him

C: oh no

L: he got really really sad last night that luis was bugging out
L: you've got to listen to more saves the day
L: that's my goal for you

C: hehe

L: you're angry sometimes
L: and chris is angry
L: so it's a good mix
L: plus good music
L: lol
L: jon is "away"

C: Yes. He is on my buddy list, you know. Whenever I come online people tell me these things.

L: haha

C: Did you know that Anthony called me once to tell me Jon was online?
C: He's so sweet. And Annie always calls me to tell me that. It's sick. They're my enablers.

L: it happens

C: hehe

L: it's funny when you can't get unnattached from someone

C: yes
C: i am glad of it. i want him and he makes me sooooo happy

L: i was watching you gusy
L: and when i'm tripping
L: i tend to look at things really strangly
L: but i felt like i could read you guys
L: i like his coat

C: hmm

L: and his hair

C: me too!
C: isn't his hair the best?

L: definately
L: you looked cute yesterday too

C: i did?

L: color affects me so much when i'm tripping
L: yeah
L: your sweater looked good with your jeans

C: hmm
C: yay!

L: and your hair was up

C: was it?
C: oh yeah
C: all crappily, but whatever
C: you are obsessed with my hair being up

L: i am
L: because ive only seen it like that twice
L: and think of how many times i've seen your hair
L: and braided it and cut it
L: : P

C: ahhhhhh
C: under the bridge just came on
C: we must be going to hang out today, because there have been good songs on since nine this morning

L: haha
L: alright
L: i'm getting off now
L: i'll pick you up in like 20 minutes or so

C: ok bye

L: it takes me a while to get out of the door

C: yeah, you know i know how that is

L: haha
L: bye
Lisa signed off at 1:43:31 PM.
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