somebody overwhelming fear that stands in the way of a principle that cannot be ignored and yet is... 000915
laguin every time I don't speak up. 031215
sylphide Realising my true motives and not being able to tell you them for fear of hurting you. For fear of pushing you away when all I want is to be to you what you are to me. 031216
not someone not noone. I started to fall in love recently-- and then called it all off. I called him to me-- beckoned the universe-- and he came to me perfectly. I was afraid he wouldn't love me in return and backed away. I boast emotional bravery, but apparently I lie to myself.

cowardice. what a boring fuck of a way to exist.
patience is when people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. most people embody this trait, even if they don't realise it. they project blame in order to avoid action. 050315
what's it to you?
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