another spy count lirst is a spy and he will spy on you as he reads from his custom tapestry:

the rapsheet for oi metaphysicals
goes by the name of shank indeed
enlisted by the stop-trap nono mono.
"welcome purple alien boombox"
this incendiary node is called secret bash
contains various parcels of garlic steeped in waiting by the phone
and the forgery elevates the drama
to nine mochas in suburbs
dentine rice whips out the grins of running lacquered banshees gliding in circles around the main lake at the center of town. the plaza if you will.
diapers sprout belgian-esque from the cracks of the sidewalk, administering the daily dose of anarchist wheat, that concentrated squad can eat. also roger's dynamic yo-yo refracts the peppermill into a harsher semblance of cocoa butter like so many trayguns. cod: let's go gnashing for neckties. pay my texaco dog tendency OFF.
slay my exothermia.

grayer than bells
prayer on the slab for you
ms. slobbering hound
on her own dirty mound

there are no sedatives for misdirection
whenever it is balsam it is followed by
protein it is shiny armadillo

might-o chondriac

what if the size ratio between humans and dandelions was reversed?
another different spy sir,

count lirst is a tragic demonstrator
in one fell swoop

we agree on the premise
but not on the persuasion

a colleague
spy 3 is that you tennis star of the 70's? 021209
tennis star of the 70s i was on tour with the gratful_daed 021209
what's it to you?
who go