j_blue another of my words:

it doesnt describe the universe's fiber intake, it describes the normalness of everything.

how, like, everybody always seems to already know each other, or how things always seem to happen just so.

coincidence is part of cosmic_regularity.
Barrett opposed to cosmic_incontinence. 001117
silentbob i was staring at the sky
just lookin for a star
to pray on or wish on or something liek that
i was having a sweet fix
of a day dream of a boy
whose reality i knew
was a hopeless to be had
grendel the foundation upon which the phrase " shit_happens " is predicated 001117
d i thought that the word was synchronocity? 001118
tourist And so if shitting is your problem
when you're out there in the stars
Then,the Intergalactic Laxative
Will get you from here to Mars.
from Cosmic Wheels by Donovan
what's it to you?
who go