johnboy It's really weird right now. I'm actually confused about being confused. I don't know exactly what is going on and i'm really confused and alone. 010118
alkalinepixie yeah. i kno what you mean.
im confuzed. and. its confuzing.
johnboy confusion can be your best friend but then it will make you think if it's really worth it all. Then you realize life is life and within my eyes life is weird and I'm not going to question the weirdness. 010119
alkalinepixie good goD!
i think thats all i have the strength to say.
. . 050406
sirflaccid Sometimes, I sit and think about life as of late. I call to see how you are, and hope that you direct the same thought my way. When you lay your head on my shoulder, I concern myself with the intent.

These things haunt me because it is my big deal, and I assume you see my ghosts as well.


I forget myself, and realize you are dealing with so much more.

It makes me cry inside.
Freak Where to begin? So many things to consider these days that I spend my time finding ways to distract myself from my thoughts. I have a creative imagination and at the moment thanks to crazy pregnancy hormones am very moody. These things together can make life extremely hard. All I can do for know is stick to the things I know and hope that there will be a time when things settle. I know that i love you and want you to be happy. What I don't know is how to allow that to happen. Im too tired to be writing... 050406
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