moonshine Better to consume then to concieve. 010122
sabbie thank you father, for i have sinned. this is my first ever confession.

erm... well, i farted at home this morning, but that was last night's dinner's fault, and not mine, so thats not really what you want to hear.

oh, and i had a shower till the hot water ran out this morning as well, but the boy'd already gone to work, so it didnt really inconvience anyone.

umm. i hate doing the dishes, thou im getting better at it, i dont miss as much crusty food bits as i used to when i was little. but im not really repentant about my emotions concerning dishes, so you prolly dont want to hear about that.

hmm.. sometimes i have bad thoughts about the banshee and the banshee's son next door, but im working on those, trying to upgrade them to actions, so i'll have to get back to you on that one.

i dont have a job at the moment, and im pretty sure thats not a sin, but i dont get on the net as much as i wish i could, and im pretty sure that is a sin.

i thinks thats about it at the moment, oh apart from the fact that i'm not really religious in the traditional western sence of the word, but i do own a picture of mary and i do have a halo around here somewhere. problem is i cleaned up and now im not sure where it is. i think it might be under the bed where it rolled last time me and the boy were having sex or in the bottom of the wardrobe with my shoes. i remember meaning to hang it on the hat rack with my coats, but well, you know how unfun cleaning can get. i think i abandoned the whole housework thing 1/2 through to read a book.

I rekon about 4hail sabbies’ should do it. thanks for your help, god. love your work, but some of your more enthuseastic follwers worry me thou. you might wanna have a word to em. kisses, sweetie.
silentbob "bless me father
for i have sinned
it's been 2 years since my last confession."

"thats ok my child. just tell me everything. you can come over to my side if you want. would that make you feel more comfortable? if you sat on my lap while we chat about all those dirty things? Come over here, my son."
Ambience We get really wasted.
And I tell you every little detail of what fills my heart with such dread.
And you are just so kind.
Listening so attentively to the words that slur from my mouth.
You can tell me its ok, right along with everyone else...
but when it comes from you, it eases my mind.
what's it to you?
who go