Tank i say her hovering over me, paused as if waiting for me to say the right thing, ask the right question. destiny, it seems, has never been nearer. so i lay my head back and invited her in, breathing the nectar of my life, and i felt so alive, so real, so much of a woman. 000928
amy word-of-the-day at, Tank... word-o-the-day. 001007
Zeroshin the throbbing
tugging on my mind,
the intense heartbeat,
my depravity.
Why must you exist?
You should've remained an figment,
yet you stand there...
damn you.
ClairE A word complicated enough, maybe, for what I feel for you. 020211
phil Zeroshin, sound like Helga from that one cartoon
"Move it football head"
little fury bugs
"I want you, I need you. Oh baby, oh baby"
imredi help me 020617
. . 031213
what's it to you?
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