Forming Mind Struggling to stand, head buried in stomach.
Writing each new strand of a thought with the blood pouring from my eyes.
The walls crumble, and I stand still.
My world caving in, but it's okay.
Okay I say. My legs removed, my conceptions distanced. I'm fine. No one notices. Be stronger they say, I'm so strong now. Be stronger. The twin of me is collapsed in the corner. Crying and weeping, reaching out for everything. I stand alone. She is normal, but I must be stronger.
This is too much for you to conceive. To understand. This war in my head. Buried so deep, I forget its there.
I will give birth and you will see the beauty.
The beauty that is me, but you will not receive me because you can not craddle the pre-beauty.
what's it to you?
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