jennifer COMMENTS?!? I refuse to give you any! Through-out my life I have been
exploited for the ammusement of others............Wait that was for
valis uh ... no comment. 991207
jennifer copr jimmy hill's friend 000103
Q "No"! he shouted, as he barely parried
yet another sardonic thrust from his swift opponentess, directed to his anatomy and that of all of his brethren, and felt about to be pilloried yet again.

"Help K! Help!!

"Please hurry!

"No need to fear misunderstanding.

"All I'm gonna' need in a second is a gallon of blood.

"Just leave it and run if you feel you must.

He didn't seem to be shouting in any particular direction. Like he didn't know where K might be or be coming from.

"Please, please do leave it," he gasped.

"I'll die without it!

"Yes, at the door inside my e-mail is okay," he shouted, as he thought he might have heard her ask "But where should I meet you" or something to that effect.

Then, suddenly, he realized she was sitting in the referee's cage.

"Damn, I knew she was really, really good. But how could I expect she was god"? he was heard to whisper, just before he was backed into a corner, and forced to turn his head and cough ten times, each followed by a "Hail Mary."
miniver Yeah. You see, that's the whole problem
with expectations--the time limit. Once, I came upon Blather, and the Great Three Random Words told me:

"you are god"

And, then, I thought-- I thought to myself, "Oh." And that was all I thought, for several weeks. "Oh." When I came back with a divine plan,
I wasn't god anymore. However, "voraciously electronic everything" was interesting, too, I guess.

Today, I blathered five consecutive words. I think that means something; but I also like to write numbers in my posts as much as possible, so it may have been a mere numerical excuse. If I were still god, I'd probably know, oh, oh, oh.
marty If its beauty you want goto west belfast when it snows,at 4 am. Then youll see the land as it was meant to be .Without.What a beautiful place to be at that time,not a sinner,not a sinner. 001231
Thyartshallshant I've blatherd 19 times in the last few AM hours, and ive done mabye twice that today alone. Thats my comment. 001231
cazzi i am supposed to be revising for my exams right now but instead i am blathering. i think i am addicted to this thing. 001231
Thyartshallshant I know i am. But im very happy about it. Its the first thing ive been addicted to sence masturbation. I see this as a step forward 001231
Arwyn People always make comments, but when ever I see this word, I always think of negativity. I always expect to see negative comments... especially when I'm supposed to be receiving those comments. *sighs* 020304
ndbg quelques fois les mots ne disent pas la même chose en fraçais et en anglais ... ça porte à confusion. 040126
oldephebe Stand amidst the rapids in your sculpted island of peace, composure and let the rancid waters of insult and personal attack wash over you..your advesary is reacting out of the pain and insecurity your words have shaped in him..and chooses the path of petty malice instead of the route of rational discourse... 040126
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