ClairE like a dish for me to lean my head into and lap you up. 020211
pushpins oh god
my weakness. collarbones, on any gender. collar bones melt me
into a sticky syrup

perfect for waffles the next morning.
unhinged i told him i would gnaw on his collarbone. and i meant it too. 020211
girl_jane Clavicle...a great song from Alkaline Trio...

I want to wake up naked next to you, kissing the curve of your clavicle.
no . collarbones_i_like 020212
donaldson desire hangs for dear life on the windowsill of the collarbone of the one i love... 020309
yummyC I don't like yours.

If I were you, i'd be worried.
girl_jane He kissed my clavicle tonight.
Nobody's ever done that before.

I liked it...
brain stew just the tips of my fingers under
the neck of your t-shirt
your collarbone flutes its way
under your skin
my fingers rest so lightly
on them you are
mine, entirely, for that

i crave your skin, the
feel of your bones
eklektic clavicle 031219
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