jane was disappointed that i was the first person to write under this word
but also excited
their music is so beautiful i have to say they're one of my favorites
or should i more appropriately say
jane we went to their concert last night
it was the fourth concert i've ever paid for, the first three being third_eye_blind, ozomatli, and incubus

[much better than the free_concerts]

i couldn't believe i was there
the hogfather i hated them at first - but now i love them. =) 021221
krimilda they make me sad but also make me fream of beautiful cities full of beautiful people with dreams of flying and giving fire to each others soul 021221
niska i don't care what i've been through, ever.
i don't care who i've known.
i don't care whose lives i've crashed into and then left - it's been many...

'In My Place' is exactly how i felt about you, and everything else was just some other excuse, really. you are so perfect. you are. i'm so sorry. sorry for everything i've said, or done to you that made you feel like i don't care. it's not that i don't; it's that i just can't. i wish i could tell you that i want to.

every word uttered mirrors every person i've treated this way. i feel so awful listening to this that it makes me want to cry, and at the same time, i feel so uplifted that i smile - if only the tears would roll down my cheeks, i'd know i'm really a reasonable person. i know this is really unfair. i shouldn't be allowed to be happy. i'm supposed to be fair.

i'm so sorry if it hurt. it isn't what i meant to do. nothing we did was what i meant to do. i just wanted for a moment. i just wanted for a thought; an idea...

i just wanted for your smile. only for you. and your sweet, irresistible smile.
i can't even express how i regret that.

i know, it's so cliche, but it's not you. it's me - you could have been anyone... it wouldn't change. if i could tell you this, i would, and i would hold you forever if you needed that, just to show you i don't hate you. maybe i need that, just to feel absolved.
i was looking for something else, from someone else. it was just not my place to be looking, nor my time.

you were every situation, and then you turned out to be much more significant. how could i let this happen? i just do; it's so typical of me. was it because of the moment? or was it because of the idea? perhaps it was because it was easy to discard, and i didn't have to feel anything...

honestly, if you knew how i felt the first moment i saw you, i'd have no excuses whatsoever, but i just ditched you with noting. only because i have nothing else to give you.

"i was scared.
i was scared.
tired an underprepared,
but i wait for it...

and if you go,
if you go...
and leave me down here in my own,
and i'll wait for you...


how long must you wait for it?
how long must you pay for it?
how long must you wait for it?
for this?"

only you know the answer to that.
please don't. please.

Coldplay always makes me feel the same about every situation - aching, sad, desparate and severely apologetic.

you did nothing that i can blame you for. fuck, i wish you did, but this time, again, it's all my own fault...
niska wow...

that's more like a blather_confessional
jenny enny dots maybe i will create some enemies but...

that band really sucks.

(i AM entitled to my opinion)
silentbob finally got their cd. now i can catch up with the rest of the world 040201
jenny enny dots still not sure what the rest of the world sees in them. what makes them special and would impress me with any kind of original talent? 040201
HairThief I've been to see them live, excellent concert, genuinely pleasant band, relaxed with the crowd and loved every minute (if they were pretending, they were damed good). Chris is a talented bloke, switching from piano to guitar with easy. Their songs do tend to have 2 or 3 differents sections to them which means sometimes it's difficult to remember and separate them from each other but if you like the songs then who cares. Parachutes and Rush of blood are 2 albums I can listen to over and over 040213
ethereal Yellow. I think that's what colour my life is? 040326
silentbob and now i have rush of blood to the head, too! GAH! it blows my fucking mind 040326
white_wave thinks they are a highly overrated band. 040326
HairThief Going to see them tomorrow in Bolton.

Latest album X&Y is excellent (IMO) and can't wait for tomorrow night. Chris Martin may seem a bit 'up himself' to some but he's a very talented musician and just wants to get a message across to people. For the Live 8 gig, they performed in the afternoon then flew up to Glasgow for their own concert that night.

Songs that I love:
Warning Sign,
Fix You,
In my place,

Chris Martin is amazing live.
HairThief oppss, just seen that I posted a similar thing over a year ago. Hurrah, my feelings are still the same. 050704
Doar I've listened and waited for that mindblowing experience everyone else on this page has talked about.

I can't understand the attraction, but then I don't understand Michael Bolton or Kenny G either.

Whatever floats your boat or turns your crank.
emmi i'm trying not to wallow masochistically in my depression, so i had to stop listening to them... 050907
daf A message. Doar. A message...that touches the solitary soul. A message that reaches deep within to that place where the tears lay hiding, and pulls them out. A message that lies next to you at night when the sheets are cold.
A message that softens the chill, inspires, cleanses the pain, then gently brushes the isolation from your eyes.
Doar yeah daf...i think i'm coming to understand that....peter gabriel does the same thing to does leonard cohen...

ps..check yer email Daf.
daf Peter Gabriel is a god of music. And thanks, you received my response. Love to you too, bro. 050907
nom were on austin city limits with michael stipe tonight 051218
narcisstic_grapes *amsterdam love* 060903
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** Isn't coldplay a one man band? 060903
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