silentbob lies 011005
yummychuckle when they are guys 011006
unhinged won't hug me when i'm crying
found new and more exotic beds
to share
with the adorable boy with the
dread-locked hair
watched her walk away late
turned away by locked doors
and i almost rushed outside
to intercept her
but then i realized
she probably didn't want to have
anything to do with me
just like him
after sex with hurtful words
i will always be your closest_friend
tearing my heart apart
til the very end
like a knife that never leaves your side
i will keep my heart open
the wound trying and wide
lost thy or shawn is his real name he is mine. 011007
Casey he may not think so, but I'd probably have to say Bobby 011007
Norm In like grade six I'd write notes to girls and I'd always write "I want you to be my closet friend." They thought I was just being stupid. I was a funny kid. I had an adulty humour. 011008
unhinged closet friends could be fun too.... 011009
yummychuckle skye is in my closet. he is very animated.

which is my closest friend? they are all just names to you.
cntstnd I had two. Now they are gone from me. And now I have Betsy. 040918
what's it to you?
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