unhinged here i go again

this brand new feeling
always ensnares me
the fantastical dreamer
the hopeless romantic
i am in love with being in love
it's true

so i'm trying not to speculate
too much

but it's impossible
all i know is
all i did last week
was think of how i wanted it to be sunday
so i could see you again
and when you asked whether i was free
wednesday or thursday
i had to weigh the options of
seeing you sooner
or spreading out the joy

here i go again
my heart already jumped over your cliff
and my mind is more than willing to follow
unhinged the gravity of falling is pulling at me
the coefficient picking up steam
the farther i fall

everything seems so

like a bubble
if i grasped at it
it would disappear
Death of a Rose Unhinged you are an embrace that slips upon every curb.

much luck and love.

or love and luck, or another :)

unhinged i stood at the edge
i could only see a glimpse
i wanted to get closer

i had to let_it_all_go
leap into the unknown
trust you when my trust was

i could see you
your eyes beckoned
come closer
my heart obeyed
even though my insides were shaking
even though there was so many
big gaping wounds

i don't even notice them when
we are together

don't let me down now dear
my heart floats on the updrafts
that bring me safely down
to you
this feeling
like dreaming
like floating
like falling

a feather or a leaf

you are standing at the bottom
of the canyon
all the others carved in my heart
when i wake up next to you
i don't feel any need to climb out
unhinged i should have done a more thorough examination before i dove 130518
unhinged shit

i have tried to remain cautious
it isn't really working

at least this time
the feeling appears to be
more mutual
REAListic optimIST If it didn't sound so contrite
I would want to say "bless your heart"
because sometimes diving in
is the only way to reach the depths.

It takes courage and inner strength,
but it also means putting some faith
into the other person and into yourself.
Such leaps make the world a better place.
unhinged one foot on the ledge
one foot dangling in the air

unhinged splat 140530
unhinged let me keep my feet on the floor, my head squarely above them 140711
flowerock once I was a lemming, actually twice, but in two different ways. perfect_drug heart_rehab healing_beginnings 140711
unhinged (you werent the first one
you wont be the last

but you were one of the painful ones)
what's it to you?
who go