norren bitch. we had weed outside of the opera house and she took all of it. that stuff costs money. the bitchiest avril-lavigne wannabe in the entire fucking world. someone, do me the kind courtesy of shooting her. 050128
somnial yep. That'd be right. 050921
Anagram Our clara: Oracular. 060714
Her Cousin Clara refused to incriminate herself,
and she spoke quite freely about it.

Next she kicked out the ten soldiers
who were just chillin' in her basement
despite the ongoing peace.

As they left they asked
if they might rummage through her effects.

She was like, "Um, no,"
reprimanding them gently, in a usual way.

That Clara!
She's quite the patriot!
ever dumbening hi mom 070916
clara That's true, I rarely incriminate myself.

Maybe that's because my dad always always blames me, so to make up for it I never never blame myself.

-- Did ya see that! I just blamed my dad! --
silentbob We drove around for hours trying to find a karaoke bar. We gave up and called it early night. You dropped me off at my house and we hugged and agreed we should do this again. 130210
silentbob We dated for six months and I never started liking you. The sex was pretty great and you were very kind to me. But love never developed. You indicated you wanted to be made a priority, which was not unreasonable, but also seemed like a good time to end it.

I ended it before I was emotionally ready to end it and I felt so guilty and also alone and regretted it. But I did not text you to torture you with my confusion. I just let it be. Because I still did not have the capacity to give you the love you deserved, the way I wanted to.
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