Becky One of the only people who can make me laugh when I want to cry, understands what it's like to want to die, helps me piece my life together when it falls apart, stands by me when I can't stand by myself, stands up for me, stands up for Aric, actually believes I was born a penguin and will die a penguin. She is my best friend. 010418
xchristinita my name 040208
infectiousbunnie my name... 040605
Christine I feel as if i've
been misunderstood
Oh well
They're only words
some mindless
others truly heartfelt
not written to attack or criticize
And yes,I am sensitive(a cancer)
I'll roll with the punches
For they have opened eyes a little more
Blue Dream The strawberry_girl! 051019
rhin I Am Fury

Stained truths of my past lie unanswered
what you crave I will give and take away
I pray on the weak with an unbridled greed
and offer rage and vengeance to those who cross me.

Bandaging my wounds is not my need for you
to rape your soul and force your death is my desire
my shell, you leave battered...crushed
and you try to leave, chalking me up to a memory.

Years pass...
my inherent, possessive need infuriates
You don't own me, because I own you
and I am undeniably saving you for last.
Love, Christine

(a poem i wrote about that damn car that sometimes haunts me in my dreams...)
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