girl_jane My friends and I read this word on the card inside a pack of Lucky_Strike cigarettes. We liked it, and decided to give it our own meaning. Chink=fuck.


I want to chink you.
You are sooo chinked!
. a derogatory term for a person of chinese descent. 030918
splat yeah, i wouldn't go around screaming "Chink you" at people.

You'd insult them, but probably not the way you want.

Only insult people intentionally.
chink some ghetto neighborhoods have metal nets on their basketball hoops. this causes a "chink" instead of a "swoosh" when the ball goes in, thus in certain areas, the slang for playing basketball has become "shootin' some chink" 030918
girl_jane chink-the ch as in Charolette-not ch as in church. 030918
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