god thumbtack in my eyeball
foothold within earshot
finger food at headquarters
god truffles? 011225
daxle 1/2 lb wax covered strings
2cups man stupidity broth
sprinkle with bloody potato chips
serve with song lyrics
ClairE My throat hurts. 011226
sabbie theres one of those books in my fav sencond hand book store. its been there for about a year now. 'chicken soup for the dentists soul'

that phase went on far too long methinks. twas a very big barrel.
kerry the only thing i miss since i turned vegetarian 011226
squillo liquid chicken

i go into the Arby's and order a box of chicken fingers then offend the people behind the counter and any mothers with small children by saying
"yeah, now there's a bunch of chickens who will never EVER play the piano again."
paste! i wonder if they prepare for that in the Arby's training manual. "be a rock, be a mountain." 011231
what's it to you?
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