typhoid so.
who are you cheating?
or yourself?
(how paranoid and self_loathing can we make you?)
why are you cheating?
don't you know that it would be easier
just to change the rules?
... yea. 031108
Whitechocolatewalrus go to hell 031108
a boy it is strange. they say that boys cheat all the time and it is acceptable, and girls never do but when they do they are punished severely.

and yet, i have never cheated. i don't know any boys that have cheated. but i know several girls who have.

WTF people!
brother408 I was gone for so long without you. I missed you so unbearably, I found someone else that reminded me so much of you. I just wanted someone in the bed next to me. You say I cheated, I say I slept next to someone, totally clothed. I say a may be a fool, but I am no cheater! and that made all the difference 040326
person if i caught him cheating on me, he'd have a death so bloody, it'd make dracula puke. 040626
puredream half my words come from songs. boo... but maybe it's the way I choose to paint them that matters? 040714
pSyche He cheater on her once.
She took him back.
She only grew to love him more.

He cheated on her again.
She broke up with him.
He broke up her heart.
Two weeks later,
He came crawling back.
She took him back.

Now she's looking at his cell phone
and reading his texts
they say "I Love you"
But they're to another woman
And she doesn't do a thing

He tells he
He can't live without her
She tells me
she doesn't have the heart
to break another person's heart
I tell her
He never gave her his heart
So it isn't even hers to break

I don't understand
Why anyone would cheat
or allow themselves to be cheated on
I want some insight
into their minds.
its a question cheating is lieing, not making love to someone else.
you can lie to yourself or you can lie to someone you are close to, which somehow just doesn't make any sence.
lorna but i've been told that a cheater is always a cheater, i've got my pride and she's got you. 090727
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