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Chayote (Sechium edule) was actually domesticated in Mexico and seen in South American until after the Spanish conquest. (Sophie Coe, America's First Cuisines). The starchy squash was a staple of the Aztecs. The name chayote is derived from the Nahuatl world chayotli.

The Mayans added chayote shoots (as a green) to beans and also ate the fruit and the starchy roots.

Buy and Store
Chayote have become popular in the U.S. and are found in many large markets. They are being cultivated in Florida, California, and Louisiana. They are very common in Latino grocery stores. Select firm, smooth, unwrinkled chayote. Old chayote become very wrinkled and become dry and tough. Chayote will keep refrigerated for many days but it is best to use as quickly as possible.

Medicinal Uses
Medicinal uses of the chayote included a tea made of the leaves is reported to dissolve kidney stones as well as a treatment for arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Culinary Uses
The chayote can be eaten raw in salads, or stuffed and baked. Other preparations include mashing, pickling, frying or boiling. The plain squash tends to be bland and benefits from "aggressive" seasoning.
.fallen merlitons? (pronounced: mell-ih-taun)

it is amazing the ways this wondrous thing can be manipulated by the right culinary knowledge

in a pie it is subtelty sweet and served as dessert......with seductive vanilla undertones

in a casserole mixed with shrimp it is delightfully spicy......interesting texture.

stuffed it can more than hold it's own as a main course

if you plant just one it will wind it's way through and on your fence...baring 100s on just one vine

oh the memories of Gran dicing them up and then deciding exactly what she wanted to do with them......always a playful one in the kitchen she was.
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pobodys nerfect I ate two of them once (they were sold in pairs). I sliced the first one up and ate it like an apple, and the second one i used in this salad:

~bag of baby spinach (uncooked)
~small can of mandarin orange segments
~1 diced chayote
~Rene's pear/guava salad dressing

it's only slightly sweet, because the spinach and chayote kind of balance out the sweetness of the oranges and dressing.
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