unhinged farewells are not a time for lust; don't wanna open that bottle unless there's time to finish it 080415
Doar The bottle doesn't empy,

you do.

unhinged or

i have a lot of pent_up sexualness in me that i don't think it's a good idea to let out unless i think i can get every last drop of it out

all or nothing
j i agree that farewells are not a good time for lust, though i believe there was a part of us that wanted to be that close to each other again and just couldn't hold in the weeping. 080415
Doar that's a good way of saying

"sex me up good"

or else.

unhinged or else

i might as well just do it myself
unhinged (there are not many boys i know that could handle all of me) 080416
Doar or that you want to be handled.

you seem to take yourself beyond being comfortable with any person and make yourself wish to be alone.

unhinged yes, after nine months of celibacy, i wish to be handled. but, just mostly on a hormonal, biological level. my heart wishes to be held.

and true i'm not all that great at relationships, but that could be because most of them were relationships in physicality only. and those people that i have a heart connection that i could actually physically be with view me as something sisterly, friendly, but not physically. what_a_paradox i seem to find myself in; also created by the modern definition of insipid terms like 'dating' and what to normal people constitutes 'being together'

but i've had many fuck relationships
and it's so much better for my heart
to remain chaste
no matter how much my body aches
Just a Friend why make your body ache,
why make your mind ache?

I know that somewhere out there,
someone wants for you're ache to meld into one, leaving the ache to transform into what you wish it, to believe in love once again.

And I won't lie to you,
love caressess and tends to leave suddenly,
But love can be comsuming and forever.

unhinged my body makes itself ache. hormones; my biological clock isn't just ticking. it's tugging. add that to nine months of celibacy and i can't concentrate on anything, sleeping or waking, but the thought of some rough loud slow sex.

i know what love is. but the fact of the matter is, love and sex rarely coincide for me. it's been this way for so long, that i finally realize it shouldn't be that way. so instead of giving in to my hormonal impulses, which bashes my heart into little pieces when it turns out that's all the guy wanted me for, i'll wait until i know for sure the guy i can barely see in the dark will still be happy to be there when the sun comes up.

yes, the people i love rarely feel attracted to me the way my hormones need them to be.
unhinged (maybe it comes across as indifferent to you
but i wish you knew
how you make my heart race
maybe you'll get me drunk enough one day
to loosen the rope on my tongue)
unhinged and even my astrology seems against me on this one lately:

LIBRA (week of april 24 -30) why do people have sex? a study by researchers at the university of texas found that there are 237 reasons, from "i wanted to communicate at a deeper level' to 'i wanted to boost my self_esteem ' to 'i wanted to be closer to god' according to my research, libra, you're likely to be motivated by as many as 25 of those factors in the coming weeks, way up from your average of eight. we might logically conclude, then, that you may seek out erotic experiences at a rate three times your norm. (here's more about the 237 reasons :,,
unhinged but when this ideal is really tested
i don't know how to say it
how to communicate
and i'm hurt
time and time again
what's it to you?
who go