eric ...did i mention charley is DA MAN? 980909
angelea is funny, loves coffee, installs often, and denise, has a short memory, is quite tall, plays keyboard, rides a "harse", is a mystic, is cool, way wacky, has innovative ideas, is "away" on icq?, writes wash me on my new car, thinks snapper is crapper, cares, likes tech toys, loves sex toys AND charley is my friend. 980917
daxle is the part of me that suspects that any efforts to learn things and understand life are absolutely futile 990525
a drives me nuts cause he is so dam crazy but i love him anyway. it's those dam puppy dog eyes. 000313
dean-bean Charley don't surf. 000313
girl he won a lifetime supply of chocolatte from mr. wonka.
i wouldnt want a life time supply of chocolatte.
chocolatte is good and all just not all the time it would make me sick
what's it to you?
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