friar tuck If your heart does not contain charity, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.
--Bob Hope
ShnizelCheese Giving something with care and concern, not expecting anything in return...

People who arent Charitable should be.
pete she was crying
he was stopping cars in the streets to beg
they said their little [fill in relation, i don't remember] was in the children's hospital, they were from out of town, and the van the ronald mcdonald foundation gave them broke down on the queensway.
i really don't have much money, rent will be hard in a few months when what i have saved disappears.. but they were just twenty short
and they could have been lying,
but i think they were telling the truth.

i hope the little girls okay.
epitome of incomprehensibility old English, a word for selfless love... now acquired negative or merely "blah" meaning... hello, I will drop a coin in this box it is charity... something to think about... And the last blathe, ja, it would be "a better world" as they say if people tended towards generosity...
dot dot dot
pete so i asked my parents to cover the expense of my grad school applications. my dad was condescending towards my inclination for more schooling, and my mom was worried i'd spend it on alcohol (which excepting last friday night i haven't drank much since a rather glorious, and deserved, bender late november/early december, which my darling little brother felt at liberty to disclose to them at christmas time). my dad didn't say no but he wanted to. my mom said a cheque would be on the way with a care package. i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE doing this. one day i hope to pay them back every dollar and cent of if. i feel trapped though, it's hard to find a job in january/february that fits a student's schedule and pays well enough to get by (and lasts more than a month, lots of temp jobs that i've been taking and then being told to find something that lasts), my attempts at student loans are, though i've been living on my own for four years, still limited by my folk's income and as my older siblings graduate and my younger ones take none-university geared careers to the point that it takes, on average, four months to convince the government that i qualify for their own programs that they should understand, and the banks think i'm crazy (but you have to be crazy to get a loan from the bank). did i mention i HATE HATE HATE asking for money? 070204
skydeas and this makes us human 070518
Syrope i don't see it as charity. charity is giving to strangers. it takes so little to not be a stranger with me. i wanted her to have it. i know she'll use it wisely. i admire her for her palms_turned_up admission. she was so ashamed to take it but knew it would be stupid to refuse help. 070825
fuffle the word "charity" is an insult, are you human or not? 070825
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