Friend Friend and I like charismatic leaders. Simple things and armoured cars are the essence of what this thread is all about, and isn't it interesting how the word thread came to mean something on a discussion board? I mean, a thread is a piece of rope or twine or string made up of many different pieces all strung together, and that's what blather is, I think: A bunch of ideas that make a whole at the end of it all. And at the end does anyone care what you have to say, or does it make you feel good to have been one of the parts that make up the whole? Because you will die and the blather will continue on without you and it doesn't even matter if you were really there or here or on this earth at all because someone will take your place. Aren't you sad that you will die? And I've gone off the charismatic topic but it doesn't matter since I just wanted to use a word that no one has before. And so I have. I guess blather is like gestalt: it is greater than simply the sum of its parts. So it is so much more than a simple thread, isn't it? Isn't it? It is not just a thread, but a vast multitude of threads of all different colours and thicknesses and styles! And those can only be brought together by charismatic leaders. I only said that to get back on topic. 060124
Better Friend How do you know what will matter and what will not? There are blathes that have influenced me and had the originator not posted them, there is no guarantee that I'd have found the same elsewhere on blather! So the individual's input is critical to what blather is. Perhaps for you, blather is about the composite effect. Not I. What I enjoy about blather is the myriad little pieces. As a whole I couldn't care less about Blather. It's only value to me is the individual contributions from mysterious blatherskites, including my own. These same contributions could feasibly be found elsewhere in that individual's life if only one knew where to look. If I like a room in a house, what do I care if it is a room in a mansion or a trailer? Sometimes the connection of that room to adjacent rooms matters, but sometimes (equally often) it does not. What I'm saying is that the value of an individual part is sometimes greater than its value when included in a summation. Are you perhaps more scared of life? Anyway your post did remain on topic because it is charismatic of your feelings just as mine remained more or less charismatic of my feelings. Perhaps we were liars but even then the charismaticness remains intact, no? 060125
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