Jenna I've spent most the evening remembering how intimidating a simple sheet of drawing paper can be. 040428
^.^ I still had charcoal all over my hand. I was walking down the hall when I saw __. she hadn't seen me. I put on a pained look, grasped my blackened hand and walked over to her.
"Ahhhg... Hey,__ . how are you- Ow!"
"what's wrong?" she asks innocently
"Oh, It's nothing," I respond "I just burned my hand." I show her my blackened fingers.
"really? How- Oh, my... What happened?"
"Well, I was working in the shed, when an appliance caught on fire, I tried to put it out...with my hand."
"oh. It looks Painful..."
"sayy..."she says with a thoughtful look.

I began to laugh. __ became quite embarrassed and wouldn't speak to me for
the rest of the day.
How naive.
failure A smear of charcoal down the side of my mouth.

Yet another failure.
B i used to love it. smudgey smeary dark definite black.
i can't do it anymore
the page is as blank as my mind
and i seem to have lost the way to draw
how do u get that back
New Zealand girl death drinking it after taking an overdose of pain_killers is not even near the top of my things to do list 040801
newme burn the willow 040801
what's it to you?
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