Piso Mojado Dear Alex Grey,
I love you.

Q Dear EllimacyRainbow Brilliancyeee,

You, Dear, have figured out by now who you are.

So I wonder across your visible spectrum:

How will it ever, in all these reflections, and approaches and retractions, and attractions with photographic digitizedactions, be possible, if you know, to touch you with barely any refractions and, dare we whisper, hardly any, no, no distractions ?

I wonder so in every chapel, sacred and otherwise, mirrored and boring, but it's the mirrors, if they claim to be sacred, that set me off.
WingedSerpent smoke and mirrors,
the Smoking Mirror,

blood for the sun and the calendar shift
camille self 050331
mourninglight the sacred shattered remnants of my forgotten past
my put away past

the dark things I have said and done
the people I have hurt
the people I have loved

the whys I would never admit in daylight

I kneel before it today again, to gaze back at the days before a self inflicted amnesia wiped away years from my life.
one more chapter
one more fragment

one more string...
Pido Mojaso 'I would like to enroll you
in building a chapel
open to all humanity
for initiation
into the miracle of being alive'
anne-girl where you can see yourself as others see you
mirrors that reflect truth
what's it to you?
who go