sahba its has to its the only way sooner or later its gonna snap and when it does its going to be hell of a ride i can feel it already little by little its consuming me and when its done nothing stays the same 040624
sahba its like a rythm unknown to my mind comes down and takes me up in this dark cold world of hate and anguish where all you can do is pretend you are someone your not just to live within but my mind is breaking its cracking the lines are fading conscience altering and feeling is disturbing the thoughts run through the mind like stones in a steel cage with every move a trail of carnage in a mind so haunted where love feels like a trail of lost words in a time i never got to spend 040624
sab the wind this morning howled
through the empty streets
as i walked to the station

and in the thud and splash
of my boots down the road
i heard him shout over his wind
all those years ago
...theres only one animal that howls like that ...

the street lights nodded
for they had no choice

he was
he is
connected to this city
in more ways than even he knows

and as i walked down the empty street
the wind screamed around my head
grasping my bones
and i knew
change is comming
three words trivial change_is_coming slow_days 051104
zeke change is a form of entropy 051104
god change is the only constant in the universe 051105
oren Thank god. 051105
flexible damn straight better had be. 051105
Piso Mojado now is my time 051105
2 nickels 1 dime 1 penny and 3 quarters Oooooh..!




*Amy* yes, I can`t stand anymore you mistreatening me like this, I don`t care anymore, I don`t care if I loose your friendship, those aren`t frendship codes, and I`m not afraid, this is not the first time. but I won`t be sad, not for you. leave me alone, it`s my life! 051107
z change is a form of change 051115
TROUBLESUM change is inevitable...

...except from a vending machine of course
Ouroboros om namayah shiva 070110
pete change is always coming. such is existence. 070110
nom change is always 070110
the awful truth well lately round this winter
i been feeling sort of sab
the kind of sadness sinks within the skin and makes you think you're bad
makes you double-check the little thoughts that flash into your brain
wondering if you can walk_like_abel or got the mark_of_cain

when you wake up in the middle of the night,
you been dreaming
about all the questions of life
and you're scheming
about ways to make your days pass by
the great days you need to love while you waitin to die

lao-tse sage-ing through me
he's speaking of change
coming soonly
forcing a switching of ways
rearranging the river,
not just blocking the flow

and you asking me directions
and i'm saying just go,
just go
you're asking me where and i know i dont know
and if i knew then that wouldnt be the place to go
anything in our minds in not conceivable as yet

but change is coming i can feel it and
i been feeling sort of sab
jane loose_change 070111
Ouroboros horizon
tipping point
on the swimming block (swimmer's take your mark)
shit hitting the fan
z is change here? 081217
Lemon_Soda Always.

Always changing.
. the authorities have lost

what's it to you?
who go