The three challenges show us the major influences demanding our attention during specific sections of our lifetime. The 1st challenge influences the years from birth to age 28. The 2nd challenge takes over from age 28 to 52, and the third affects us our whole life. Challenges shape our attitudes and can affect our health. These vibrations that challenge us, cause either an exaggeration of the associated qualities or a lack of them, both of which are extremes which need to be brought into balance.

First Challenge: 1
The 1 challenge child usually has a misleading impression of authority or gender roles and especially of the active or assertive role. They may be raised in a physically violent atmosphere and learn to explode when their frustration builds. The creative impulse is often stifled by control or confused and tied to acceptance or rejection. The 1 therefore learns to manipulate creatively in an effort to gain love and in contrast, becomes dependent on those whom they are manipulating. One result is that they break away from parents and subsequent relationships in a kind of revenge, and feel resentment for being forced to break away. With the development of overview, compassion, and intuition the 1 can balance this challenge.

Second Challenge: 3
Freedom of expression and communication are the challenges of three. There is either too much freedom, as in gossip, chatterboxes and vanity regarding appearance and talents, or the 3 is fearful of expressing their innate creativity and insecure about their looks. Three's are often childish in behavior and sometimes play games with jealousy and aloofness. To three's friendship equals love and they are fiercely loyal to their friends, often to the exclusion of their family or marriage partner. The balance comes by bringing focus and initiative to their creative ideas and expression, and following through when boredom or another idea or project comes to mind. In accomplishing small aims, three will develop the confidence to share more with the world.

Third Challenge: 2
The challenge of the "thin-skinned". These challenge holders take everything personally and can easily turn tiny little mole-hills into you know whats. They can seem to become translucent, absorbing each new idea and each new person into themselves, becoming them in the process. The 2 is the number of the psychic, however, the challenge is to maintain one's own identity while accepting the powerful, empathic abilities of the 2. The main focus of the 2 challenge holder is themselves, their feelings, their wants, their lack of satisfaction. Their outer behavior is geared to keeping the peace and taking care of others while secretly hoping they will be taken care of in return. The remedy for this challenge is to become an equal partner in relationships. To realize that their ideas and opinions are valid and to stop flattering love out of people.

[. numerology .]
Ishutan These challenges are waves that I can ride, into the subconscious world. Where all the rocks are floating and everything is sterile.
Humidity is the suppression of passion, clogging every pore just like it would have before you walked off into that winters night.

Something about doesn't quite fit makes me see the shiny part of cold. Like dusty anecdotes and rusty long dead boats floating on a frozen river in mid summer nights fall.
Pair or two or three or me, we all share a common bond of unity, we all breath in the snow flakes coming from the father's skin. Dear winter blowing ghost, please bequeath me with your sex, as to the gender of your soul, I would like to fathom so dear a thought as you could hold, I must not think that you are old.

Old age is a barrier between love and exclusion, a sort of cushioning of a final blow, the one that comes from winter's throat.
The blast to each and all is chill, drink up until you've had your fill. For once this life is full to spill, then winter will move in for the kill.

All us are not correct, All of us are quite perfect. Spinning tops on thin ices' fragile belly, gnawing through till we are barely able to bite against the frigid air, our teeth are now white with frost, and all we thought we gained, we've lost.

Tokens for games for entertainment for life for boredom for fun for waste of good time. You've changed, winter, now turning like a defeated army, I am your master, you're just a mummy... retreating back to sarcophagi.
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