chad Chads~
Chads, dimpled, indented, pregnant
Hanging to the right or hanging to the far left
Absentee ballots shifting from left, right to being dismissed to the left wingers
ballot counters~ snackin on quesidilla chads
with nostrils flaring, candidate hopefulls will meet out in the parking lot as soon as the
Demochadic Supreme Court adjourns
Whatever their decision
they should have enough chad confetti to litter the streets no matter the outcome

Webster's Dictionary has decided that the word cad and chad are simply one and the same.
Chat's will become Chad's and Chatter's will become Chadder's
There is talk now of counting the dimpled chad...
well that just chad's the dimple in my hide
they'll probably name jeans and perfumes after this famous.... outlaw
Chad's ....smells good , tastes good, but chads your hide.

C-the outcome
Shugarhi lowa and taylor never leave the chads alone 010515
Aimee I miss you. We never really knew each other, but I missed you enough to cry when you died. I still do. I hope you're happier in heaven than on this mortal coil. 010515
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