hsg 41 grams of nutmeg. the forty-firstime i've tripped with it.

I traveled
the center
of the....

I thought that maybe it would be like a fluid. or that I'd witness a bright moveable air of sorts.

but to my great surprise,
it was made from thought;
it was made of knowledge.

it's rays were no longer too small to see. sunrays were of a zigzag. with words written on it. then I realized the zigzag is made of knowledge. there wasn't a zig nor a zag. nor were there words written. it was knowledge. the knowledge seemed to only have one message: it was happiness expanding trying to shine on everything it could so it could make more things happy. this whole process seemed to define its happiness. it's like it's purpose was it's fuel.

happiness expanding, making light spread out to awaken those who haven't seen the sun.

about a year ago, I again met Meg.
I swallowed her and together wewewe wwweeeennnnttt tototo her place. I was no longer without her. I was within her. she swallowed me. told me her secret,
"Tripping is a journey into
the mechanisms of kindness."

watching the sunrise has always done well from the past. brings dark into light.

but this time we didn't watch the sun rise. we were inside it, recognizing that in some deep parts of us, the best parts of us, we were really deep inside ourselves, inside that light inside. this time we didn't watch the sun rise, we watched it expand.

Meg would have been sad if I left without taking home with me her "love" note.

went home remembering that from deep inside I want happiness to expand.

had a hard time getting used to the idea that the sun isn't some rock or ball or planet, but it's made of thought. it's alive and has it's own feelings and personality & everything.

at that level though, thought is psychic. all thought. doesn't seem to matter whose. someone "tells" you it just by "thinking" something.

you look at the sun and... you're-awake. thoughtspreadown & out.

does it make you happy to know that the sun warms the elements, the combinations evolve from ignorance into sustainable happiness?

it's a dance from
night to light.
hsg a friend just shared this with me:
hsg s_un_derstanding
David Icke: Beyond the Cutting Edge [Disc3] [2/2]

it's a place_of_knowledge

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