Q twelve years here;
education in the three standard r's and s was okay, actually excellent, those nuns rocked (they're all dead or married now);
in the other two r's: religion and repression (especially concerning the big S), it was really sick, completely perverse, and
took me twenty five years to dig out from under that.
dicole There was a boy at my school who stapled his dissected frog to a cross, placed it upside down in the school commons, and burnt it.

Unfortunately, he was expelled.

Now all I need is something equally scathing, but a little more subtle, and I can get the hell out of this place.
socketboy i feel like I should have these extravagant, detailed fantasies of being pent up inside the walls of a catholic school, stealing peeks at the girls in their plaid skirts and knee high skirts.

watch out for the ruler! agh!
jacob Stay clear of the Holy Water. 000404
birdmad twelve years ago, the old priest (he was in his mid-seventies then and died last year) who taught chemistry showed us how to make bongs from test tubes stoppers and tubing.

i still have mine

Rest In Peace , Father B.
typhoid whatever happened to that there choir on acid? ah, yes: drugged. 000404
marjorie i survived!
and you can, too!
just pick up a bottle of my miracle "catholic school tonic" and you'll be well on your way.
forget tucking in your shirt!
forget mass!
forget plaid and blue!
you can come through this with your head held high.
they all believe in you.
and so do i.
nemo i wish i had the money to go to catholic school 010614
dB I went to a catholic school as a child. The nuns thought I was odd because I was ambidexterous. They made me right with my left hand despite me being right handed.
It still screws me up every day if someone asks me to go left or right I have to take a minute to figure it out.
I write with my left hand. I shoot with my right. I played baseball left handed. I drum right and left handed, but it fucks withmy playing something chronic.
I hate catholic schools.
'm going to do a pilgramage to find my lsot childhood some day. When I find that school, I'm gonna nuke it.
Casey For some odd reason dB, I drum better right handed. It's like my stickings are a lot better on my left one sucks 010624
yummychuckle you drum? 010624
dB I hear that Casey. Fortunately I can change grips very quickly and switch hands doing certain stuff so that kinda makes up for it.
You do much work on indipendance? What do you play anyway?
Casey I play percussion in my school band, i'm alright. I do a lot of separate hand playing as of late. I also drum set for leisure, playing in a band would make me nervous. 010624
dB Yeah I thought that. Until I realised that the other people in the band are just as nervous as me.
That's the main thing when you start a band with people you don't know. You gotta break that nervous tension early on. I suggest smoke half a doobie, and jam a little, nothing structured, just play. Sit down, have a coffee and talk about what biscuits you like or something.
Drumming for lesure is cool, but sometimes a musician needs to be heard, y'know?
Casey Always 010624
landruc I call them "Atheist Factories."

Fortunately they didn't completely work on me.
black-dyed gel product Goddamn, they're hot. And they always want action! Just never with me... damn 010624
black-dyed gel product I mean catholic high school girls of course. That was what i loved back in the day. 010624
red hot chili peppers catholic school girls rule 010625
little wonder i was asked yesterday if i'd still go to church when i went to college.
i thought about it for a minute and decided that yes, i probably would.
if i were going to a college that wasn't catholic i wouldn't. but it's right there on campus.
i'm not really catholic anymore, i'm agnostic.
it's just a comfort thing i think.
sotto voce next year, i'll have had seventeen years of catholic school in my curriculum vitae. has it affected my life? let's see... i still perform simple arithmetic functions in terms of canaan loaves of bread and fish. nope... hasn't affected me at all. oh. and i will never wear plaid...ever again. ever. period. 020319
blown cherry Aethiest Factories.
I like that.
13 years of it had it's effect on me, by year 8 I was running around trying to convince all my friends that god was a silly idea and no such thing existed afterall.
Worked for a while.

Maybe I'm not quite the atheist I once was,
maybe I'm leaning towards agnosticism a bit nowadays,
but I sure as hell ain't ever gonna be catholic.
girl_jane I went to a Catholic school for 6 years. It sucked. I'm not Catholic anymore, but I am still a Christian. I wasn't really anything for a few years...
My uncle is a Catholic priest...he doesn't mind that I think his religion is a bunch of crap-

Hail Mary's, Glory Be's, a couple differnt creeds, the stations of the cross and how to say the complete rosary had to be memorized or I failed my religion class...I remember very little of it.
jane it's funny.....i chose to go to my high school randomly to better my education (which means that the social hierarchy at my local public school was bullshit)and now i just really want to leave...
but the public school is still more bullshit
sabbie thank god i didnt go to catholic school.

hmm. what an odd statement.
Ellie I am attending a catholic school right now and I dream everyday of going to the public high school. I could if my stupid religious CATHOLIC father would relent, my mom already has..but then again, she's not catholic, and she know what this fucking school has done to me. I have no friends, since everyone thinks I'm "scary" and "odd" because of the clothing I wear. I don't want to be around them either, but with only 12 people in my class, I am obligated. Instead of going to the public high school in 9th grade like most of the people in my school do, I may be able to leave next year in 8th grade. My dad looks like he may give in, and my mom says this is a battle she will most willingly fight, so I am quite positive about that possibility. I WANT TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS CRAPHOLE OF A SCHOOL! 031109
blah-ze i am proud of the fact that i will never have to attend my catholic school ever again. i am not even catholic. so, when i was doing all the compulsary catholic stuff, every time something about my faith came up the teacher would make a point of picking me out.

i took solace in the fact that she was once training to be a nun, and her husband training to be a priest. you put two and two together (snicker).
blah-ze i think this was part of the reason i am now a strong atheist. 031109
xyz I've been in them since I was two.

I was reciting the Glory Be and the Hail Mary and the Our Father before I understood what the words meant.
Eventually they came to mean nothing anyway.
mak five years in a catholic school takes its toll on you. i'm glad i was only there as a really young kid, so it didn't affect me too much. luckily i got out and now have it evened out with six years of public school. 031224
falling_alone i like plaid...

but everything has just become a mundane routine since my 14 years of catholic school...i didnt even have to attend a catholic h.s.

though i figured i would miss the uniforms...
girl_jane I just re-read what I'd written above...I do consider myself Catholic. It's something about the tradition of it feels ancient-and I like that. 031228
dudeinanigloo I am proud of the fact that I have never attended a catholic school, and I never will. My parents are the two smartest and most rational people I know, and they have never pressured me into doing anything - they have let me follow my heart my whole life. I am now an accomplished high school musician, and I can say, without ego, that I am the best alto saxophone player at my school.

Anyways, the thought of having to wear uniforms to school just makes me shudder. As do reciting passages from the Bible and praying every day. That kind of repression is exactly what my school isn't about. People are encouraged to express themselves in many different ways, and this expression shows at the various art expositions, and band/choir/theatre/drama/dance performances.

It's also a known fact that many famous people graduated from Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts (I bet you didn't know that Arthur Hiller and Leslie Neilson graduated from Vic!)

If the policy of wearing uniforms was suddenly introduced at my school, then there would be an outrage amongst the entire student body - especially among the drama performers. Nobody would obey the rule, and a lot of people would probably resort to going to a diferent school (I know I would).

School uniforms are a way of repressing the creative parts of a person's personality. They create conservative, mundane people who don't take risks, and who have no exposed talents.

Some people think that uniforms are a way to supress bullying in schools, because everyone wears the same clothes, and thus there is less teasing due to choices of clothing. Well, this is just not true. Bullying is actually hightened in uniform-mandatory schools.

The more creative people there are on Earth, the more ideas there are; and the more ideas, the more solutions to more problems - and we have plenty of problems, oh yes we do.

peace :)
blown cherry well, outside of the igloo, her ein australia, all schools, private and public have to wear uniforms. Everyone! Though sometimes the rules are a bit more relaxed at public scools (they let you walk around with your shirt untucked etc).
And in the catholic high school I attended I never had to pray everyday. I wasn't pressured to go there, it was just where all my friends were going after primary school. We did have to fo to stuff like the big scool mass once a year, but it only went for an hour, which meant an hour off class, and nobody made you take communion or anything. In our religion classes we usually did meditation (the teacher would often do that "your walking through a peaceful forest" type thing), in earlier years we might have to look up stuff in the bible, but it was more of a referencing exercise from what I remember. And in later years religion class involved examing different religions around the world and finding out a little about what they're about. I'm happy to say that as a proud atheist I came 2nd in our grade in year 12, and one of my best friends (an agnost) came 1st.
casey heyy 040515
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