nanny better than katherine. it's gotta be the "C"

my_middle_name_is catherine
kill rhythm the_catherine_wheel 020513
Sailor Jupiter I wanna name my baby girl if I have one Kathryn.
Both Catherine of Siena and Catherine of Alexandria were cool Saints. C of S got the stigmata. The Romans tried to kill C of A 4 or 5 times before they actually killed her.
Staind_And_Souless It's my name. When i admit to being me. 021008
simple_simon paranoia makes you believe what might not be true and you don't realise you hurt people. sorry catherine 021008
James/Jesus Insecure and paranoid for no real reason whatsoever, despite the fact that a Catherine rocks as a person she can't seem to see through her self doubt to the great girl she is really. 021018
catherine it's my name.

my parents did well, i think.

way better than "katherine" or "kathryn" or whatever other variations.

it means pure. i am not.
BitterSweetDream One true love. My first love. Mine. As long as she doesn't stray.... 040108
C i hear it at least 100 times a day 040910
o_caritas a breeze
a smile
a wish
a word
a flurry
a wall
a window
a door
a prayer
a path
a spray
a fog
a gasp
a flash
a wisp
a vision
a dream
a life
a mist
a universe
a moment
three words catherine a_ride_home_from_school the_police 050313
checov Pure evil with a butch face.
She's hurt too many people.
FA113N From your lips, a curse.

From your lips, a forbidden word

From your lips, a benediction

From your lips, forgiveness

From your lips... Something beyond words.
Risen A person I am proud to be.

what's it to you?
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