Casey I kept it in a box. I watched it grow a lot. It chewed right through the lock. And ate the new kids on the block.

My scienctists were so good to me. My parents payed for my college education. Majoring in biotechnology. I created a beast and now it's after me.

I was in my labratory creating what I thought would be, well, something great for the world. A two-headed cat! You could pet one kitty's head, then pet the other kitty's head! But little did I know that the power of atomic energy would create a two-headed man-eating monster!
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misstree this stinking furry beast started up by climbing onto my shoulder, and then when he decided it wasn't comfy enough started down my back like scaling a cliff (spiky shoes and all), until i bent over to give him better traction with less blood loss, whereupon he laid down, and is watching me blather over my shoulder.

this cat will be mittens and stew some day.
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