no reason when i was seven
my father said to me
that you can't swim
and i never dreamed
of the sea again
tonya i don't suppose that it's anything like a big_electric_cat 030418
frAnk nude as the news
he war
crossbones style

chan marshall believes like the amish that photography steals a person's soul.
niska i know what i did seems unjustifiable to you, but you didn't listen the last time i told you how this was going to go down, so learn a lesson now, hmm?

give it a rest. you don't see ME chasing MY tail.
x whooped that bad? 030420
god that i do whoop is not for a squirrel 030420
silentbob i still haven't heard them 030421
fina too bad silentbob because if attractiveness was the most important factor in musical talent these girls would be famous "for real." But then they have talent besides being hot so what have they got to worry about? 030422
no reason they're not all girls 030423
eddie vedder and dave grohl are on the new cd! don't fall in love with the autograph
just fall in love when you sing your song
rubydee "we all come peep through a hole in the wall....cause you look so impressive." 030504
ClairE The worst day of my life he was with her and him, and she was with him, and they were seeing Cat Power. After I'd stormed and thundered, he came home, asked to see me, and drove over at six in the morning.

The wave broke and life leaves you standing there. I hadn't heard Chan_Marshall yet.
no reason pick us up
we're all by ourselves
what's it to you?
who go