it is not dying i'm in love w/ her and i feel fine 011022
Aaron i'm sorry... cassie... but i don't love you as i did.. and you don't love me as you did... so we part from loving as we did... and stay friends... and i love another... 041007
love & hate an old friend of mine which i lost when i lost my heart to a friend. I'm sorry for ignoring you whilst my heart was elsewhere. You were truly a good friend and looked out for me. We have alot of fun times and great memories from highschool. Lots of late night drinking sessions and questions like 'whats the time'... I love you so much cas, i always have and you are a very dear friend of mine always. 041008
that_says_it_all he cant remember who he wrote about
he cant remember if he loved her or me.
what's it to you?
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